FAB Building
LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance

LEED Consultant
Project Manager
Level 1 & Level 2 Energy Audits
  • Managed schedule and cost, chaired monthly client meetings, prepared meeting minutes
  • Analysis of existing energy systems
  • Guidance to follow the LEED rating system throughout performance period
  • Staff & subcontractor consultations regarding environmental operations
  • Full documentation of credit compliance and submittal to USGBC
  • Developed green Building Exterior, Hardscape Management, Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management Plans
  • Restored habitat by providing native plants for more than 35% of site
  • Sustainable cooling tower water management: Reclaimed water use for 100% of cooling tower water & sustainable chemical management
  • Reduced potable water use by 82% for plumbing fixtures and 100% for landscape irrigation
  • Green Cleaning Plans and Practices established to ensure healthier Indoor Air Quality
  • Emissions Reduction Reporting
  • Reduced FAB Energy Use by 45% compared to other similar buildings
  • Established Sustainable Purchasing and Solid Waste Management Plans
In pursuit of LEED certification, TSMC F12 P3 FAB Building has implemented many green best management practices. The sustainable values of the project owners & management pushed the team to go above and beyond traditional FAB operations practices, striving for extraordinary building operations. This commitment to Environmental Operations from top management continues down through every department. The support of TSMC owners, combined with the collaborated efforts of the building operations teams have resulted in immeasurable success.

Most significantly, the Reduced Energy Consumption by more than 45% compared to other similar FAB buildings, and Reduced Potable Water Usage by 82% are examples of TSMC F12 P3 FAB Building’s exceptional environmental performance and the quantifiable savings that an existing FAB Building can achieve.