Taipei, Taiwan


LEED for Commercial Interiors

LEED Consulting
Interior Design
MEP Consulting
Construction Services
  • Implemented LEED design & construction standards as applicable to renovation
  • Integrated design development, MEP consulting, construction supervision, commissioning services and LEED consultation to ensure smooth process
  • LEED certification consultation, full documentation coordination, and submittal to USGBC
  • The HVAC system provides abundant outdoor air to the space, 30% above ASHRAE 62.1-2007 requirement, contributing to indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • HVAC and lighting control systems automatically start up and shut down on a daily basis to prevent energy waste
  • The office has a dedicated area on each floor for collection and storage of waste and recyclables, with clear labels of paper, plastics, metals, glass, corrugated cardboard
  • Densely occupied spaces like meeting rooms, training rooms, pantries/breakrooms, and gym, are equipped with CO2 sensors that monitor real-time indoor air quality
This LEED CI project involved the greening and optimized design and construction of the TransGlobe Songshan Headquarter Office in Taipei City, Taiwan. The mixed-use building was completed in 2015, and TransGlobe office occupies the 4th and 11th to 17th floors. The project team managed to reuse a significant portion of the furniture from the old office in the new office, saving considerable resources. The project also made an effort to reuse as much as possible from the existing base building HVAC system and components, as well as lighting fixtures for the open office. These strategies helped to reduce the need for raw materials, energy consumptions, emissions, and wastes from the production and transportation of new equipment, components and fixtures. Special emphasis was placed on reducing energy usage in lighting and HVAC systems, as well as creating a comfortable indoor environment for both occupants and visitors.