Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan


LEED for Commercial
Volume Build Program

New Construction
Tenant Finish-Out

LEED Consultant
  • Implemented prototypical LEED design & construction standards as outlined per client's LEED Volume Build requirements
  • Integrated LEED process and on-going consultations / client support to coordinate environmental efforts from design through completion
  • LEED certification consultation, full documentation coordination
  • Urban location is easily accessible by public transportation and within walking distance of other basic services
  • Bicycle commuting is encourage and supported by providing bicycle storage and repair assistance to employees
  • High-efficiency lighting and LEDs reduces lighting energy use by 47% compared to like retail stores
  • Process water used for retail goods & services reduced by more than 60% compared to traditional retail food & beverage stores
  • 92% of construction waste recycled or diverted from landfill / incineration
  • Access to daylighting and outdoor views for 98% of regularly occupied areas, including employee spaces
As part of a global initiave, Starbucks is working to reduce the environmental footprint of all new company-owned stores worldwide. By working with the USGBC as pioneers in the LEED Volume Build program, they were able to create prototypical green requirements for all new stores, thereby streamlining the design & construction processes. As each Starbucks designer, contractor, or construction team member is introduced to LEED concepts they can then apply that knowledge to future projects, which increases efficiency and reduces the cost of LEED implementation.

In addition to the prototypical Starbucks LEED standards, the Starbucks Neihu Minquan store went above and beyond to provide an all encompassing eco-friendly environment. The building was planned as one system with many parts, so that more complex green strategies could be implemented successfully.