Taipei, Taiwan


LEED for

3,510 Square Meters
Tenant Fit Out
LEED Consulting
Interior Design
Construction Services
  • Implemented prototypical LEED design & construction standards applicable to tenant fit out
  • Integrated Design, Commissioning Services and LEED Consultation to ensure smooth process from design to completion
  • LEED certification consultation, full documentation coordination, and submittal to USGBC
  • High-efficiency PURE air filtration system and increased ventilation rates provide exceptional air quality
  • Dry pantry areas within the tenant space reduce water usage
  • 100% of Energy Star eligible office equipment and appliances are ENERGY STAR rated
  • Submeters monitor lighting, plug loads, and chilled water usage - for monitoring natural resource usage and tenant accountability
  • 1/5 of all construction and interior design materials by cost were manufactured regionally - supporting local economy and reducing shipping emissions
  • 88% of construction waste recycled, reused, or diverted from incineration
Completion of an environmentally conscious Headquarter Office in Taipei, Taiwan, is an important step in DBS's global development - as an outward gesture of DBS's concern for environment and initiatives to improve the world around us. The DBS Taiwan HQ Office provides a high quality working environment and healthy office interior. 

The urban DBS Taiwan HQ Office is conveniently located in teh busy Xinyi district of Taipei with easy access to public transportation and nearby services. The tenant fit-out interior design features work together to provide the highest quality interior environment and occupant comfort. In addition to vibrant colors and rich finishes, multiple controls for temperature and lighting add comfort for employees. Occupancy sensors help to minimize energy use. The specialized PURE air filtration system in the space provides cleaner, healthier air. Even lighting fixtures were chosen for their reduced mercury content, which reduces toxins in the space.