Taipei, Taiwan


LEED for
Interiors SLIVER

331 Square Meters
Tenant Fit Out
LEED Consulting
Interior Design
Construction Services
  • Implemented prototypical LEED design & construction standards as applicable to renovation of bank
  • Integrated Design, Construction Supervision, Commissioning Services and LEED Consultation to ensure clean and operable environment during renovation
  • LEED certification consultation, full documentation coordination, and submittal to USGBC
  • Urban location has easy access to multiple forms of public transportation & basic services
  • 100% underground parking reduces urban heat island effect
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures in employee restrooms & pantry reduce water use by 32%
  • Occupancy sensors & efficient light fixtures reduce lighting power density 15%
  • 88% of new electronics & appliances are ENERGY STAR rated
  • 34% of building materials contain recycled content
  • Low-emitting paint and furniture, and control of indoor chemicals provide healthier indoor air quality
  • 50% of construction waste recycled, reused, or diverted from incineration
Sung Shan Citibank Branch is the 2nd of many Taiwan Citibank branches to achieve LEED certification using prototypical design and construction guidelines developed by Steven Leach. We were able to implement green strategies as they applied to the specific scope of work and project location. As a renovation project, it was crucial to make provisions for business to remain clean and open during operating hours. By maintaining a clean job site, with intensive renovations performed outside of business hours, Citibank was able to not only continue business as usual but also to reduce occupant exposure to dust and chemicals associated with construction renovations.

Environmental solutions applied to the bank branch result in reduced utility costs for the owner and a healthier interior environment for employees and visitors. The bank is designed to support Citi’s overall goals by providing a high quality working environment and a healthy, attractive space.