Taipei, Taiwan
LEED for Commercial Interiors
LEED Consulting
Interior Design 
MEP Consulting
Construction Services
  • Implemented LEED design & construction standards as applicable to renovation
  • Integrated Design Development, MEP consulting, Construction Supervision, Commissioning Services and LEED Consultation to ensure smooth process
  • LEED certification consultation, full documentation coordination, and submittal to USGBC
  • Prime location in the dense metropolitan city center is conveniently accessible to bus and subway public transit systems, as well as pedestrian paths and a shared bicycle network
  • Total building material finishes, furnishings, and furniture include more than 23% recycled content
  • More than 36% of total building materials, furnishings, and furniture are also regionally manufactured within 500 miles of the site, while 11% of those are also regionally extracted components 
  • 96% of equipment and appliances are Energy-Star-rated 
  • Low-flow water lavatory in the product experience center resulting in 57% water savings compared to traditional lavatory faucets
Arbonne prides itself on supplying the finest products using transparent and honest ingredients. Arbonne’s own product ingredient policy follows three key criteria – pure, safe, and beneficial. Applying the same criteria to building elements, Arbonne Taipei Office provides a non-toxic space for users including low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, carpet, and hard-surface flooring. These environmental finishes reduce human exposure to unhealthy toxins. 

The biophilic interior design of the Arbonne Taipei Office draws inspiration from nature. Nature-inspired finishes including wood veneers, landscape images, and a living green wall at the reception lobby connect occupants with the beauty of nature. Natural textures and patterns such as curved transitions, alternating smooth and rough textures, and daylighting and shadows provide occupants with a soothing interior atmosphere.